On this page you will find information about Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park. These 2 parks are located next to each other. That’s why we describe these two parks on one page.
One of the special things you will find in these parks are trees. Trees, that doesn’t sound special but you will find the largest trees in the world here in these parks! The trees are between 2500 and 3000 years old. You will find enough other special things in this park. The rivers and mountains are also magnificent.
When you arrive in one of these national parks make sure that you visit the visitor center for all the information you need!

Except the magnificent trees the parks heave a lot of other things to be amazed about. The nature is just breath taking. Just take a look at the picture. Where in the world can you find this beautiful nature? Right here in The States in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park! Except the beautiful you can do a lot of things in these 2 parks. You can go hiking or backpack at night. A special way to explorer the parks is make a trip on a horse. Are you a bit more adventures?  Then you can go rock climbing! If you visit these parks in winter there will be snow, a lot of snow! So you can have enough fun with the whole family.
In the park you will find some small shops that can provide in your basic needs. There is also a post office in the parks. In the 2 parks you will find 3 different restaurants where you can eat and drink something.

Be careful with food. Don’t leave anything behind because that attracts wild animals. There is one more thing that can be dangerous. The rivers. They may seem calm but strong currents often run below it. Watch out for these things and you will have a great visit in these national parks!

There are a couple of different camp sites in these national parks. You can click on this link for the different camp sites. Not all camp sites allow RVs so take a look at the website.

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