You can find Joshua Tree National Park in the south of the state California. Since 1994 this park has been an official national park. Before that time the park was a national monument.

Landscapes and things to do in Joshua Tree National Park

In Joshua Tree national park you will find two very different landscapes. There is the Colorado Desert in the south east of the park. The vegetation in this part of the park is very natural and consists out of  different types of cacti and other plants that you normally find in really dry landscapes. The second part of the park is the much more cooler Mojave Desert. In this part you will see some special trees. These special trees are named Joshua trees. The park is named after these trees and is also known for these trees.
An other thing the park is known about are the special landforms. The rocks exist out of massive stone that is fragmented into separate pieces. That’s why this is the place for rock climbing. You can also go climbing without ropes. That may sound unsafe but it’s not in this area because of the separate rock pieces.

There are a lot of different activities that you can do in Joshua Tree National Park. You could go mountain biking. There are special roads for mountain bikers where you won’t find cars and RVs. This is much safer and more fun. Do you want to take it a little bit easier? No problem there are a lot of trails for hiking. Short trails but also a couple of long trails. This is a great why to discover the beautiful park. There are some more things to do in Joshua Tree National Park.

Camping in Joshua Tree National Park

Of course you can choose to spend the night in Joshua Tree National Park. There are some things you need to keep in mind when you travel with a big RV. There are some restrictions for the length of the RV. Some of the campgrounds don’t have hook ups for your RV. Make sure that you have refilled your water tank and dumped all your trash before going to the national park.

For all the up to date information you can visit the visitor center in Joshua Tree National Park. You can also get a map of the park here. Listen good to the advises of the employees of the park. It could be a great tip that they can tell you or warn you about something. Remember that these people know where they are talking about. Always make sure you have enough water with you because of the high temperatures in the dessert. You can also choose for a guided trip through Joshua Tree National Park. This is a very safe and fun way to discover the park. For more tips you can visit our National Park Tips page to prepare yourself.

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