Things to do and to see in Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park is known for a lot of different things. Think about the huge amount of fossils, amazing views, magnificent cliffs and deep gaps in the earth crust. This national park has a lot of different ways of discovering the park. One of the special ways of discovering the park is to make a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. This will be an experience you will never forget! The views are spectacular when you are on foot but the views from a helicopter is just indescribable.  There are a lot of hiking trails in the Grand Canyon park. There are some short ones but there are also a  couple of day trails.  You will be hiking all day long! Make sure you have enough water with you, pay attention to the temperature and also pay attention to the warnings a long the way.

Except the beautiful nature you can admire in the Grand Canyon National Park, there are some other things you can do. There are some different exhibitions you can visit in the national park. For all the up to date information about the exhibitions you need to visit the visitor center in the park.

There is a special thing you can do in this national park. You can take an audio tour with your own cellphone! On several stops in the park you can call a special number and you can listen to the audio tour. You can also download the audio tour. Then you can listen to the tour on your ipod or mp3 player. Click here for all the options. For all the information about the audio tour you can visit the visitor center in the park.

Camping options in Grand Canyon National Park

It’s not a problem to stay a couple of days and nights in Grand Canyon National Park. There are some different camp sites. You can click here for all the camp sites. You can also make a reservation on this website. Be careful with choosing a campsite because some campsites have a maximum length for RVs. For more information about this national park pleas click here.

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