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Dinosaur National Monument is a geological special  monument where many famous fossils have been found and you can still see a lot of them today. There are also a lot of river canyons and you can find strange petroglyphs in this park. This national monument is for people who enjoy adventure, nature and geology.








Things to do in dinosaur National Monument

There are a couple of things that you could do when you are visiting this national monument.

First of all there is a great 10 mile auto tour (one way) and it’s called Tour of the Little Rocks. The tour starts at Quarry Visitor Center and here are some things that you will see when you are driving along this route: special petroglyphs and pictograph panels and you will probably see wild life to! This is a fun tour to start your visit at Dinosaur National Monument.

There is also a scenic drive in this park and it’s called Harpers Corner Road. This is a 31 mile (one way) auto tour. The scenic drive starts at Canyon Area Visitor Center. You will drive through different ecosystems as you are driving up hill. There are also picnic areas along the road.
Along both auto tours there are no fuel, food and other services so make sure that you have everything ready when you start one of these auto tours.

If you want to enjoy more of the outdoors there are some other things that you could do. You could go hiking in the park. There are different hiking trails. Most of the hiking trails are not longer than 3 miles and there are multiple trails that are no longer than 1 mile. For the real diehards there is also a trail of 8 miles.

If you like more adventure you could go river rafting. There are great river trips through the canyons, but you need to visit the visitor center first because for some parts of the river you need a permit and you need to pay a fee. You could also take a guided river trip. If you take a guided river trip you don’t need a permit, but it will cost you more money. For more information about guided river trips you can visit the website of Dinosaur National Monument.

Campgrounds in Dinosaur National Monument

There are 6 different campgrounds in this park, but not all campgrounds allow RVs and there is one more thing you should know: some campgrounds don’t accept reservations. For more information about the campgrounds you can visit the website of Dinosaur National Monument.


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