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Devils Tower National Monument was founded in 1906 and of course the big rock formation is famous in this park. This park was the first national monument of the USA The Devils Tower was first climbed in 1893 and that was a big performance. Now a days that’s what you can do to!
We need to note that if you visit this park and you are driving the coast to coast route we recommend to stay overnight in this area and add 1 day extra to your trip because the drive from Rock Springs to Devils Tower National Monument takes a couple of hours.





Things to do in Devils Tower National Monument

-Rock climbing is one of the reasons the most people visit this national monument. It is possible to go rock climbing on the Devils Tower, but there are some rules and regulations. Before you go rock climbing you need to check in at the visitor center and after your climb you need to go back to the visitor center to ‘check out’. If you want to go rock climbing you need to visit the visitor center for more information. If you are unexperienced you could take rock climbing lessons or take a guided climbing tour in the National Monument. Rock climbing is not possible in June. For more information aboutt climbing you can visit the website of the national monument.

-Hiking is also a popular activity in the park. There are different trails that you could follow. The most popular trail circles around the Devils Tower and is 1.3 miles long and this trail is paved. There are also other and longer routes. Note that not al trails are paved so good hiking shoes are recommended. You could also take a ranger guided tour. This is a great way to explore the park and learn about it.

-There is a sculpture in the park called Circle of Sacred Smoke. This is a sculpture to make people aware of the importance of this national monument. The sculpture is the first puff of a new pipe and through the circle of smoke you can see the tower.

Campground near to Devils Tower National Monument

There is a great KOA campground near to the national monument. The campground is so close that you can see the tower very clear. The campground has everything you need when you are travelling with your RV, like full hook-ups. There is free wi-fi, a pool, fishing options and more facilities and things to do. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Devils Tower.

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