capital reefThe landscape of capital reef National Park is know for his 160 kilometer fold in the earth crust. This fold is called the Water Pocket Fold.  The park also had a lot of different things to be amazed bout. Think about colorful rocks, massive blocks of stone, arches and canyons. Since 1971 capital reef is officially a national park but since 1937 a national monument. This national park has the biggest and historically orchards of all the national parks in the US.  You will find more then 2600 trees in these orchards. For a small compensation you can pick fruit and nuts out of the trees. Make sure you visit the visitor center in the park for all the up to date information.
You can hike perfectly in this national park. You can choose for a route through quiet areas in the park. You can also decide to make a short hike in the park. The options for hiking in Capital Reef National Park are great!
In the park you can make the scenic drive. This is a beautiful route through the park and you can enjoy all the amazing views and nature around you. For all the information about this drive you can visit this website.

Camping options in Capital Reef National Park

You have a couple of different campgrounds in Capital Reef but only one is suitable for your RV. That campsite is Fruita Campground. You can’t make reservations for a spot on this campground. There are 71 camp spots so you need to be fast. The campsite is describes as an oasis in the desert. Visit the website by clicking here for more information about this campsite.
For more information about this national park click here.

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