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Bryce Canyon National Park is located in the south west of the state Utah. The park is named after the pioneer Ebenezer Bryce. He lived on the foot of the Bruce Canyon for 5 years in 1875. Since 1984 this park is officially a national park. The park is famous for his unique rock formations. These rocks can have a lot of different colors. They can be pink, orange or maybe red. The sun is the cause of this and that’s why the color can change.

A lot of people come to this park to make pictures. That’s not strange because of the clear sky and hight you can make magnificent  pictures of the sunset or sunrise. For the best sunrise or sunset pictures you need to go to: Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Inspiration Point, Bryce Point or Fairyland Point. Of course you can also make beautiful pictures during the day. The views in this park are amazing because of the great hight. But there are a lot of other things that you can do in this park. Just like in Zion National Park there is a shuttle system. You can hop on and off the small buses that drive different routes through the park. This system is completely free.

Trails in Bryce Canyon National Park

If you like hiking this is the park to be. There are a lot of different trails in the park. We   recommend you to do one of these trails because they are just amazing. This are a couple of trails: Mossy Cave, Rim Trail, Bristlecone Loop, Queens Garden, Navajo Trail, Tower Bridge, Hat Shop and Swamp Canyon. One of the most popular trails is the Navojo Trail. If you do this trail you will really go into the valley and have a magnificent view of the valley. If you look up you will see beautiful rock formations and colors. This area is quite green but this trails ends in a canyon that’s called Wall Street. In the Wall Street you will see all the colors in a different way. This is really special. It’s not strange that this is one of the most popular trails. Don’t forget to bring enough water with you because it’s a long walk and it can be really hot. For more information about these trails and everything you can do in the park you need to visit the visitor center in Bryce Canyon National Park and for more tips you can visit our national park tips page.

Campgrounds in and near Bryce Canyon National Park

You can spend the night in Bryce Canyon National Park with your RV. For all the information about this you can visit the website of Bryce Canyon National Park. There is also an other possibility to spend the night. Just outside the park there is a campground called Ruby’s Inn. This campground is really old. In 1916 the campground had his first guests. This campground has all the facilities that you need for your RV. You will also find a couple of shops where you can buy nice souvenirs. The campground has also a swimming pool. This is just perfect on the end of your day! For more information about this campground you can visit the website of Ruby’s Inn.

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