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Bandelier National Monument or National Park is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When you are in Santa Fe it would be a waste if you wouldn’t visit this national park. The  history of the park goes back a very long time. 10.000 Years ago there were nomadic people who followed wildlife into, what now is, Bandelier National Monument. This park hasn’t been a national monument for a very long time. President Woodrow Wilson decided to make this a national monument in 1916 and it still is now a days.

This monument is actually a national park but it is a little bit different than other parks. Bandelier National Monument has a very special ecosystem and a lot of different animals that are a part of the ecosystem. If you visit the national park make sure that you have all the important information about the dangers and about the animals in the park before you go into the park. You can get all this information at the visitor center in the park. The people in the visitor center also know the special things in the park so they might have great tips! The park is really beautiful because all of it’s special and wild landscapes

Things to do in Bandelier National Monument

There are some different things you could do in this park. One thing you could do in the park is make a nice hike. There are some different trails, some are long some are short it’s all up to you to make a choice! You will find more than 70 miles of hiking trails in the park and these trails are a perfect way to discover the park and enjoy the beautiful nature. But there are more seasonal things to do in the park. In the winter there are a couple of options to go skiing or do other snow sports. In the summer there are two special things to do in the park. Once a week there is a special nightwalk. This walk is a tour of one hour through the park and it’s really breathtaking to take this tour. You need to be silent during the tour so it is not recommended to do this tour with children or people who can’t be completely silent for one hour. For children there is a special day camp during the summer. Children learn everything about the park, nature and the animals. It’s a really fun way to learn about nature.

campgrounds in Bandelier National Monument

If you are traveling with your RV and you want to stay in the park that’s not a problem. There is a small campground that allows RVs up to 40 feet. Make sure to make a reservation if you really want a spot on this campground. You can also choose to stay on a campground in or near Santa Fe. If you want more information about that you can visit our page about Santa Fe.

For more information about this national park you can visit the official website of Bandelier National Monument.

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