About the park

This national park is known for the world’s richest fossil beds! You can imagine that this national park has a long and rich history if you think of the evolution. Besides all the fossils there are 240000 acres of mixed grass praire where wildlife lives. Badlands National Park is very big and you can’t see the whole park in 1 or 2 days, but it’s really worth a visit.





Things to do in Badlands National Park

The first activity the most people do is hiking. There are a lot of different hiking trails. The shortest hiking trail is 0,25 miles and the longest hiking trail is 10 miles.

If you like more adventure you don’t have to follow the normal trails. You could go backcountry camping and hiking. This is not something you can just do, you need permission. You need to visit the visitor center in the park and for more information you can visit the website of Badlands National Park.

You could also go biking. Most of the people who go biking are surprised about how good the landscape is for biking, so this is a fun and active way to discover this park.

There is one more special activity that you can do in this national park and that is the night sky program. The nights in Badlands National Park are extremly clear. You can see more than 7500 stars, our milky way galaxy and you can see satellites very clear. This is a breathtaking view. The tour is giving on friday through monday nights during the summer months. You will start with a 40 minute multi media presentation of a park ranger followed by a tour of the Universe. The park ranger will point out some of the starts and planets with a green laser. After this part of the tour everyone gets the change to look at the sky through a state of the art telescope.

Campgrounds near Badlands National Park

There is a great KOA campground near to the national park. This  campground has everything you need for when you are travelling with your RV. The campground is only a ten minute drive away from the national park. For more information you can visit the website of KOA.

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