Arches national Park

The Park

One of the things that is special about this park is the more then 2000 natural sandstone arches. Some of the arches are world famous. The park is also known for other unusual rock formations. In some parts of the park the forces of nature have been exposed to millions of years of geologic history. That is why the park has such beautiful and different landscapes with contrasting colors then other national parks. These landscapes are really rare all around the world.

Things to do in Arches National Park

This park is hiking paradise. There are a lot of different hikes in this park. Short ones and really long ones. Especially on the long ones you will have a lot of spectacular views. The short ones are a great way to discover this national park in a fast way. There are also some guided walks through the park. On this way you will learn a lot more a bout the history of the park. Except these beautiful hikes you can also climb in this park. You can also rent a bike and cycle through the park on beautiful routes. For all the information about this visit the visitor center in the national park.

If you visit Arches national Park you need to find a campsite that is suitable for your RV. Just outside of Arches national Park you will find a campground that is suitable for RVs up to 30 feet. There are some more options. For all the options visit this website.
For more information about this national park you can visit there website by clicking here.

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