About the national forest

Apalachicola National Forest is the biggest national forest in the state Florida. The national forest is very divers, there are forests and there are open prairies. There are also rivers, lakes and watersheds. Apalachicola National Forest is a national forest since 1936.




Things to do in Apalachicola National Forest

There are a lot of things to do in the national forest.

-You could go kayaking or canoeing on one of the beautiful waters. This is a great and relaxed way to explore the national forest. If you want to explore the waters of the national forest but you dont want to go kayaking or canoeing you could go boating. This is not allowed in every part of the forest. First visit the visitor center if you want to go boating.

-If you want to do something more active you could go mountainbiking. There are different off road bike trails and there are also paved trails. If you like adventure you should go for the off road bike trails.

-TheNational Forest has a lot of different hiking trails. Some trails are short and some of them are long. The trails also differ in difficulty For more information about these different trails you can visit the website of Apalachicola National Forest. If hiking isn’t enough for you, you could also go backpacking in the national forest. Make sure that you know all the rules when you want to go backpacking.

-There is a lot of water in this national forest and of course you could go swimming. There are three lakes where swimming is allowed:
Camel Lake: This is a nice lake where you can go swimming, picnicking. There is also a sandy beach and you can stay at this lake with your RV.
Silver Lake: Around this lake is a lot of wildlife so a lot of people report wildlife in this area of the park. There are picnic tables here.
Wright Lake: You can find picnic tables here, there is a campground at this lake, this is a great startingpoint if you want to go hiking and the water is clear.

-There are also two scenic drives in this national forest.


Campsites in Apalachicola National Forest

There are not really campgrounds in this national forest but you can stay at Camel Lake with your RV.


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