The city

St. Louis is located next to the famous Mississippi river and it’s also located on the Route 66.  St. Louis is located in the state Missouri. The European Exploration began in 1673 en called this city St. Louis. Now a days you can still find traces of the Europeans in St. Louis. There is a great museum about the history of St. Louis and the state Missouri so if you are really interested in the history you should visit this museum. For more information you should visit the visitor center in St. Louis.

Things to do in St. Louis

The whole city is full of culture and history. There is a free Art Museum and there is also a free History Museum. One of the fun museums is the Museum of Transportation. Especially when you have children this is a great museum. For more information about this museum you could visit the website of The Museum of Transportation. These are not the only museums in the city, there are a lot more museums. There is one more fun and informative thing to visit and that’s the science center. Especially for kids there are fun things to do here. For more information you could visit the website of The Science Center St. Louis.
But there is so much more to do in this city. You could go to the top of the Gateway Arch. This Arch is 630 feet high and you have a spectacular view over the city when you are on the top of the Arch so if you are not afraid of heights you really should do this! You will see the Arch everywhere when you are visiting the city.
If you want to relax you could go to one of the different parks in the city. You can do more than just relax in the park because there is a lot of art in the different parks so relax and enjoy the beautiful art.
You could also make a special cruise on the Mississippi. If you want to do something more exciting that’s not a problem. You could visit a sports game or if you feel lucky you could visit one of the five casinos in St. Louis.
This is already a big list of things to do but there is more. There are a lot of different events in St. Louis. We are not going to tell you what events because the events change regularly but we will give you the website where you can find the events. For more information you can visit the website of St. Louis for the events and more information.
Even if you like theme parks you are in the right place. There is a huge theme park with a lot of roller coasters. The theme park is called Six Flaggs. To give you some more information about this Theme park we wrote a page for you so for more information visit our page of Six Flaggs or visit the official website of Six Flaggs.

Campgrounds in and near St. Louis

You have a couple of different option when you are traveling with your RV to St. Louis. If you want to stay in downtown St. Louis there is a great campground. The campground is called St. Louis RV Park. There are full hook ups for your RV so you have everything you need. For more information you can visit the website of St. Louis RV Park.
If you want a little more space around you and if you don’t want to stay in downtown St. Louis this KOA campground might be great for you.  KOA campgrounds have everything you need when you are traveling with your RV. For more information about this campground visit the website of KOA.

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