Springfield is the state capital city of the state Illinois. Springfield has been the state capital since 1837 and still is. Abraham Lincoln was lawyer and he helped the city to become the state capital city and he succeed. Abraham Lincoln lived a long time in Springfield and you could say that he is one of the most important people in the history of Springfield. He lived in the city until he became the sixteenth president of The United States in 1861.

Things to do in Springfield

It’s not strange that there are several museums about Abraham Lincoln. One of the best known museums about him is the Abraham Lincoln Museum. You will find a lot of information and beautiful things to see in this museum. There is also a special shop in the museum where you can buy fun things. There is not only a museum in this building but you can also find a presidential library at this museum. For more information about this museum you could visit the website of the Abraham Lincoln Museum.
Besides the museum about Abraham Lincoln there are a lot more museums. There is a State Museum and also a State Military Museum. The museum about the state military is really special. If you have the change you should visit this museum. The museum is not really big and it’s free. Because the museum is not that big it’s far more special. For more information about the State Military Museum you can visit the website.

There are a lot of traces of different wars in Springfield. You will find all kinds of memorials in Springfield. These memorials are from different wars, think about the Vietnam war and WOII. Springfield had a major role in The American Civil War (1861-1865). You can still find traces of this war in the city. There where a lot of different trainings for soldiers just outside the city. The area of Springfield is also worth a visit.

Springfield is a real cultural and historic city that’s really worth a visit. Your visit will be very special and informative.

Campgrounds in and near Springfield Illinois

There is a great campground in Springfield when you are traveling with your RV. This is a KOA campground. for more information about the campground you can visit the website of KOA Springfield.

We hope to give you more information about campgrounds soon.

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