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Santa Monica is a city located in western Los Angeles County. Everybody knows that Santa Monica has beautiful beaches and a wonderful see but there is so much more to do.
First of all Santa Monica is a great vacation base because you are close to the airport LAX and close to the big metropolitan Los Angeles. You are close to everything but the vibe is really relaxed and nice in Santa Monica. If we look at the history Santa Monica is the city where the famous Route 66 ended. Now a days people still travel a lot over this historic road and almost everyone ends in Santa Monica and this city is a great place to end a great, long but also an exhausting RV trip. It’s a great city to stay a few days to relax and end your holiday.

Things to do in Santa Monica

Let’s start with the famous Pier in the city. On the pier is a amusement park where you can find all kinds of attractions. There is a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, a carousel and a lot more. The special thing about this park is that it is located above the sea. The pier was build in 1909 and still exists and it’s still very popular. There are also several restaurants and shops where you can buy really nice things. One thing not many people now is that there is an aquarium underneath the pier. For more information about this aquarium you can visit the website of Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.
But the pier is not the only place where you can do all kind of things. This city is really a shopping paradise. Just outside of the pier you will find a lot of designer shops. These shops are really expensive but there are also a lot of cheaper shops where everybody can shop till he drops.
The beaches are beautiful and it’s really relaxing after a long day to go to the beach and just lay there in the sun and take a dive in the sea!
There is a part in Santa Monica that is called Ocean Park. this part of the city is a lot more creative and you will find a lot of art here. There are special shops and galleries. You can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in one of the coffee shops and there are a lot of restaurants in this part of the city.

There are some different events through the year in the city. These events change and we can’t write about all these events so we will give you the website where you can check what events are coming up! So for more information about the events you can visit the official site of Santa Monica for events and more information.

Campgrounds in and near Santa Monica

There is a great RV park in the city. The RV park is located right on the beach! You will not find a more beautiful location for a RV park then here in the city. For more information you can visit the website of the RV park.

We hope to give you more information about campgrounds in the area as soon as possible.

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  1. david taylor says:

    we are thinking of hiring a RV in January 2014 for 15 nights please can you help us with the rates for santa monica beach per night \San deago/annheim and nearest rv park to universal .Allso we are looking for a large rv for 5 people do they have heaters in would be for 15 nights .We would need beding fully inc price please regards Dave

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