About the city

Santa Barbara was first discovered by the Spanish in 1769, but they didn’t settled there right away, that happened in 1782. The Spanish took over in 1782 so you can imagine that you can still see and feel the Spanish influences. Now a days most of the people who come to Santa Barbara come here to celebrate their holiday and relax at the nice beaches that Santa Barbara has to offer.





Things to do in Santa Barbara

-First of all there are a lot of beaches here so you can lay down, relax in the sun and enjoy the blue ocean. There are also enough things to do on the beach and just of the beach. You could do some sports on the beach like beach volleyball. There are a lot of shops and restaurant near to the beach. You have everything close to relax on the beach the whole day.

-Of course you could do a lot of different water sports in Santa Barbara. You could go diving or take diving lessons if you have never did it before.
Fishing is another possibility, but make sure that you are fishing in a legal way, so visit the visitor center in the city for all the information.
You can rent kayaks in the harbor so you could go kayaking!
If you want to enjoy the water, but you don’t want to peddle than you can rent a boat in harbor. It’s just what you like the most!
There are a couple of different companies that offer whale watching tours. You can get more information about these tours in the harbor or at the visitor center in Santa Barbara.
Another possibility is surfing or windsurfing. If you just started surfing you should go to Leadbetter Beach, that’s a spot for beginners. You could go windsurfing here to. At Leadbetter Beach you can also rent surfingboards.

Campground near to Santa Barbara

There is a KOA campground outside of Santa Barbara. The campground is located near the highway so the city is easy to reach, but you don’t hear the highway on the campground. The ocean is only 15 miles away from the campground. The campground has wi-fi, cable tv, bike rental, full hook ups and more. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Ventura Ranch.




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