San Francisco

You need to visit this city once in your life. The city has a relaxed vibe and you will feel comfortable right away! San Fransisco lays on the West Coast of the United States. It’s one of the biggest cities on the West Coast. The population of the city is almost 750 thousand. San Fransisco is an agglomeration and exists out a couple of cities. The population is almost 7 million! There is only one reason that San Fransisco has a big population: it’s a great city!
You will come across a lot of hills in San Fransisco. If you walk through the city you will definitely feel it in your legs. If you use the cable cars in the city you will notice the hight differents. The cable cars are a great way to explore the city. Enjoy the ride!
An other thing that is characteristic for San Fransisco is the fog. The cool summers are the cause of the fog.
there are a lot of different things that you can do in San Francisco:

Things to do and to visit in San Francisco

-Lombard street
This is a nice street to visit. The hills are amazing and you need to take a look at it! The street is also famous for the most curvy street of the world. You expect the whole street to be curvy but that’s not try. Only a small part of the street is really curvy. You will find this curvy part of the street on Russian Hill.

-Golden Gate Bridge
One of the fun things to do is drive over the Golden Gate Bridge with you RV. The bridge is a toll road. You only need to pay if you are driving to San Fransisco.
An other fun thing to do is rent a bike and cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge. Before you reach the bridge you will cycle along the coast line. You will have a great view on the San Fransisco Bay. You will cycle through Golden Gate Park. In the park you will see a lot of locals having fun and relaxing with the whole family. When you pasted the park you’re heading to the bridge. If you are lucky it’s a day without fog. On the bridge you will have a great view on the sea ships and sailboats. The skyline of San Fransisco is also amazing when you are on the bridge. When you are on the end of the bridge you are heading to Sauslito. This is a small village with a lot of small restaurants and boutiques. You have a choice to make if you are heading bake to San Fransisco. You can cycle back over the Golden Gate Bridge or you can take the ferry back. We recommend the ferry because you will have a great view on the city and you will pass Alcatraz. The ferry arrives on the Fishermans Wharf on pier 39. You can rent a bike at Blazing Saddles, this is a company with a lot of experience and they will help you to have a great cycle adventure.

-Fishermans Wharf
This is an old sailors neighborhood in San Francisco. Now a days it’s one of the most visited parts of the city. one of the famous things in this part are the sea lions that you can always find on Fishermans Wharf. You will find a lot of restaurants in this part of the city. The specialties of these restaurants are of course fish dishes. There are also a lot of boutiques so you can shop till you drop! On the pier you can take the ferry to Alcatraz. You need to make sure that you have reservations for tickets in the summer. If you didn’t make a reservation there is a change you need to wait a week before you can visit Alcatraz.

The most known and famous prison is Alcatraz in San Francisco. The prison is also called The Rock because it’s on an small island in the sea. The prison was highly secured and the most dangerous criminals were locked up here. It was impossible to escape from this prison. Some prisoners tried to escape from the prison but not one succeed in escaping. One of the most known prisoner is Al Capone. Now a days you can visit this amazing prison. We said it before but we are going to say it again. You need to make sure that you have made reservations to visit the prison because it can be very busy.

Cable Cars
The Cable Cars in San Fransisco are  the last manually controlled cable cars in the world and symbolize San Fransisco. The cable cars are the only moving National Historic Landmarks. You will find the cable cars on 3 different routes. There are 2 routes from Union Square to Fishermans Wharf and a third route through California Street. The locals don’t use the cable cars that much because they are slow, the price is high and they only drive in a small area. For tourist this is the perfect way to discover the city and it’s a great experience.

China Town
The China Town in San Fransisco is the second biggest of North America. Only the China Town in New York is bigger. The entrance of China Town is quite amazing. There is a big Chinese gateway with big lions on the side. In China Town you will see a lot of Chinese buildings, flags and special lighting. This is a special part of the city that you need to visit.

Haight Ashbury
This is the place where the hippie culture started in the sixties. You can still feel the relaxed vibe. Except the relaxed vibe you can do a lot of things in this part of the city. There are a lot of museums, restaurants and a lot of other things you can visit.

For more information you can visit the Welcome Center On PIER 39 on Fishermans Wharf. Here you will find all the museums and tips for fun things to do!

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