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San Diego is located on the West Coast of the United States and has a population of over 1.5 million. The city has a natural and big harbor. One of the pleasant things is that during the whole year the temperature is nice because the winter is  not to cold and there is no snow and in the summer it’s hot! Perfectly if you don’t like the cold and love the sun and warm days. The city has some great things that you can do and on this page we will tell you what things are fun to do.

Things to do or to visit in San Diego

Sea World
If you are in the city this is one of the things you really need to do. You will be amazed about all the shows and sea animals you can admire.

San Diego Zoo and Safari Park
A lot of people visit this zoo when they are in San Diego, but especially the Safari Park is popular. You don’t have to go to Africa to go on a Safari, you only have to go to San Diego! Come close to wild animals and watch the animals react like they would do in real wild life. There are also a couple of special experiences in the zoo. As an example you can sleep in the zoo and that’s got to be an experience you will never forget. For more information a bout the zoo or safari park you can visit the website of the San Diego Zoo.

Balboa Park
If you like art and culture this is the place to be. In this park you will find 15 different museums, beautiful gardens and performing arts. You will also find the San Diego Zoo here. You can buy a special pass here for the museums and that will safe you a lot of money if you want to visit a couple of museums. There are also events in the park regularly. For these events you can visit the website of Balboa Park. In the park there are some shops where you can buy fun souvenirs. Make sure that you visit the visitor center when you are in Balboa Park.

When you are in San Diego you can go to Mexico for a day very easy. You should go to a town just across the border of Mexico. This is a fun experience and you will experience the real Mexican feeling and be in two countries on just one day! If you are interested in this trip you need to inform at the visitor center in the city.

The beach
You could end your day by relaxing on the beach and laying down in the sun and just enjoy! The beaches in San Diego are just beautiful and you can’t miss them when you are in the city.


Campground near to San Diego

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