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Sacramento is the capital city of the state California. Sacramento became a city because of the intrests en efforts of a Swiss immigrant back in the 19th century. In California there was a period of time that people were looking for gold in a crazy way. During this California Gold Rush Sacramento became an important distribution point. The gold rush wasn’t the only thing that made Sacramento important because railroads were important to. The first transcontinental railroad was build here in Sacramento.

Things to do and see in Sacramento

sacramento-waterFirst of al a fun way to discover Sacramento is by bike. There are a couple of bike trails that you could follow to discover Sacramento and the area. It is easy to rent a bike, you just need to visit the visitor center. If you would like to go biking, but you don’t want to do it on your own that’s no problem! There are a couple of biking tours in the area of Sacramento.  If you don’t like biking you could always follow a hiking trail in or near Sacramento. For more information visit the visitor center.

If you like water there are enough activities involving water. You could go boating or swimming. It’s also possible to go kayaking or rafting if that’s something you want to do. Some people are looking for more adventure on the water and that’s no problem here. You could also go windsurfing at Sherman Island Delta, an island in the river of Sacramento.

If you prefer golf this is also a great city for you! There are six nice golf courses in Sacramento where you can play golf all day long!

When you are travelling with small children Fairytale Town is a great place for a fairytale adventure! Children will recognize some fairytales and there are some attractions that they can enjoy here. You will find a couple of fairytales in the play areas for the children.  There is also a small farm with different animals. For a short break you can stop at the cafe.  For more information you can visit the website of Fairytale Town.

For the older children and of course also for the adults there is an amazing water park: Raging Waters! There are a lot of slides you can enjoy. Some of those slides are exciting and some are really extreme. For the smaller children raging-watersthere is a big water play area with slides and much, much more. A fun day out for the whole family! For more information you can visit the website of Raging Waters.

If you are more of a culture or art lover you are in the right place to. You will find a lot of different museums in Sacramento.
If you are travelling with children the Aerospace Museum of California is a great option! Explore and Experience an aviation history of over 80 years! It’s a fun and interactive museum. For more information you can visit the website of the Aerospace Museum of California.
Some other museums in Sacramento are about military, railroads, Indians and more! For more information about the museums you should visit the visitor center in Sacramento.

There is more to do in the Sacramento area. You could visit some caves or do a ‘survival’ course with ziplines and everything! You can do this at Cave and Mine Adventures and if you want some more information you can visit the website of Cave and Mine Adventures.

Humpty Dumpty on Entrance to Fairytale TownIf you want to learn some more about Sacramento you could take a tour. This could be a Gold Rush Tour and then you will learn a lot about the history of Sacramento. An other fun tour is the wine tasting tour. For more information about the tours you should visit the visitor center in Sacramento.

Campground in Sacramento

There is a great KOA campground in Sacramento. This campground has everything you need for when you are travelling around with your RV. There are full hook-ups, free wi-fi, a pool and more. You could also rent bikes here. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Sacramento West / Old Town.


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