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There have been Native Americans living in the area around Rock Springs for centuries. The Native Americans called this region Wyoming, the state where Rock Springs is located in. Wyoming meant ‘At the big river flat’ in Indian language. Everything changed in 1868, when chief Washakie agreed to create the Wild River Reservation¬† and the chief and his people were moved out of the area. This city and the area around the city has a rich history and you can find all kind of traces in Rock Springs.
Now a days¬† most of the people that visit the city want to do outdoor activities and that’s what most of the people do. We will tell you what you could do in and around the city.

Things to do in Rock Springs

-Rock Springs is a great and central city in Wyoming. It’s easy to stay in Rock Springs and do activities outside of the city. You could visit one of the three national parks that are in the area. The national parks that you could visit are:
Yellowstone National Park
Grand Teton National Park
Devils Tower National Monument
We described these parks on a different page for you.

-The Snake River offers options for canoeing and kayaking. If you are interested in these activities you should visit the visitor center for more information and the rental locations.
If you like to enjoy the water in a much more peacefull way, you could make a scenic float trip. But if you like to be more adventurous you should go River Rafting! There are different locations where you could go river rafting. If you are going river rafting for the first time you could go with a professional guide. For more information about River Rafting you can visit the website of Wyoming Tourism.

-You could make a wagon train ride. This is a way to experience travelling in the old west, but than more comfortable.

-Want to get rich? Maybe you are lucky and you might find gold! Go gold panning in Willow Creek.

Campground near to Rock Springs

There is a good campground near to the city. The campground is a KOA campground and there is a pool, free wi-fi and everything that you need when you are travelling with your RV. Beside these facilities there is one fun thing to do. You could go fossil haunting. There is a trail above the campground where a lot of fossils are been found, maybe you will find one to. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Rock Springs.

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