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Redding played an important role in history. Redding was located on along a trading and travel route between the central valley in California and the Pacific Northwest. A busy and important place as you can imagine.
Native Americans start living here around the year 1000. They lived here in peace for hundreds of years untill the pioneers came by in the 19th century. The pioneers created a real city here and called it Redding after a railroad man who was the brain behind this railroad that replaced the trading route.
Enough history for now, let’s continue with information about Redding!

redding-bridgeThings to do and see in Redding

There are enough things to do and see in Redding. First of all Redding is famous for it’s bridge so that’s one thing you just can’t miss when you are visiting Redding. Besides this beautifull bridge there is more!

Redding is located between a couple of great nature features.

First of all the Lassen Volcanic National Park. You will find mountain lakes, multiple volcanos, meadows of nice wild flowers and more in this national park. Of course you could go for a hike or take a tour with a ranger! A ranger tour is always fun because you will learn a lot about the national park. You could also go boating, swimming or horseback riding. Enough options in this national park. For more information you can visit the website of Lassen Volcanic National Park.

There is a second national park in the area of Redding that you could visit, the Crater Lake National Park. You will find a breathtaking lake with water as blue as the sky on a clear day and surrounded by cliffs. Don’t miss this oregon's-crater-lakenational park because it’s really great! There are enough things to do in this national park. You could go swimming or boating in the summer. An other option is hiking or taking a ranger led tour through the national park. This national park will be a fun day out for the whole family! If you want some more information you can visit the website of Crater Lake National Park.

There is some more beatifull nature that Redding has to offer. Most of the landscapes in and around Redding were created by volcanic activity. That’s also the reason that you will find a couple of amazing caves in this area. Most of the caves are free to visit for some you need to pay. You should go to the visitor center in Redding if you want some more information on visiting caves.

There is a lot of water in and around Redding. California’s longest river and biggest lake are located here. You will also find a couple of amazing waterfalls. You could go fishing, boating or kayaking and of course swimming is an option to! Most of the water in this area is part of a national forest. There are two national forests here who work together: Shasta and Trinity National Forest. Visit one of the forests in the area of Redding for an relaxing day.

Not only in the national parks and national forests are a lot of trails, but also in and around Redding are some different trails wich you could follow to discover Redding and the area.

If you want to see some more culture you should visit a museum and there are enough museums in  Redding. For more information about museums you should visit the visitor center in the city.

lassen-volcanic-NPA fun thing to visit in Redding with children is the Schreder Planetarium and Observatory. A great place to learn about the univers. In the observatory you will find telescopes and more hand on objects. It’s a lot of fun for children because it’s interactive. For more information you can visit the website of Schreder Planetarium and observatory.

Campground in the Redding area

There is a nice KOA campground in the area of Redding. KOA Trinity Lake is located on a nice location and you will find everything you need when travelling around with a RV on this campground like full hook-ups. The campground is located just outside of Redding. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Trinity Lake.

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