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Redding is a city in the north of California. Back in the old days there was a trade and travel route from California Central Valley to the Pacific Northwest located on the place where Redding is located today. Native Americans have lived here for a long time untill the first Californian pioneer came to Redding in the early 19th century. The Native Americans lost this area and later a railroad was built through Redding instead of the trade and travel route that was located in the area of Redding.

Things to do in Redding

-The nature in the area of Redding is great. You can find a lot of different caves in this area because of old volcanic activity. That how the caves were created. Most of the caves are free to visit. For more information about the caves you should visit the visitor center in Redding for more up to date information.

-There are also a lot of trails through nature and that’s a relaxed way to explore the nature in the area of Redding. You could also go hiking or biking that’s also a fun way to discover the area around Redding.

-There are some fun tours you could do in Redding. The two special tours you could do is a segway tour or a heli tour. Of course these tours are expensive, but both tours are very special and the segway tour is pretty funny! If you want to do one of these tours you should visit the visitor center because they can tell you what’s a good price for a tour like that.

-Nature and more nature! There are 2 national forests close to Redding. The first one is the Shasta National Forest en the second is Trinity National Forest. It are 2 different parks, but the parks work together. Both parks have nice lookout places where you can observe the park. There are also options for recreation in the 2 parks. For more information over these parks you can visit the website of Shasta- en Trinity National Forest. Except these national forests there is a lot more great nature in and around Redding. There are a lot of waterfalls, rivers and lakes. The Trinity Lake is a great place to spend a day to relax.

-The Schreder Planetarium and Observatory is a great place to learn over the universe. At the observatory you can find telescopes and more. It’s a good way to learn things about the universe because it’s interactive. For kids it’s also a fun place to go. For more information you can visit the website of the Schreder Planetarium and Observatory in Redding.

Campground near to Redding

There is a KOA campground where you can stay with your RV. The campground is located at the Trinity Lake so the location is great, but it’s not close to Redding. The campground has free wi-fi, bike rental, a pool, fishing opportunities, full hook ups and more. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Trinity Lake.

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