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Portland is the biggest city of the state Oregon. The state is located in the north west of the United States. In the nineteenth century Portland was the most important harbor of the north west. In the first place Portland was a place located at the Willematte river and was named the Clearing. William Overton saw possibilities to use this area, but he didn’t had the money to claim the land and he started to work with Asa Lovejoy. When these two people needed to decide what the name of the city would be, they played a little game and William Overton won and called the city Portland. If William dind’t won the city would be called Boston.

There are a couple of diferent areas in Portland. The most interesting parts are the Art District and Old Port. There are more areas where you can do things, but these two areas offer the most things to do and we will tell you the things you could do when you visit Portland. Portland is near to a lot of nature and the coast.



Things to do in Portland

-You can still find the history of the harbortown in Portland. The Shanghai Tunnels are an example of how people used to be captured and forced to work on boats. These tunnels tell a special story and it’s worth a visit. For more information you should visit the visitor center in Portland.

-If you love books you need to visit Powell’s City of Books. This is the largest bookstore on earth, covering an entire city block. There are olmost 1.5 million books in this store and the store covers new and old used books. When you enter the store you can get a map of the store. When you are looking around and you want a break you could drink a cup of coffee or tea in the bookstore. For more information you can visit the website of Powell’s City of Books.

-The Saturday Market is the nation’s biggest open air arts and craftsmarket. You can visit the market from March through the 24th of December. The market takes place on Southwest Ankeny Street.

-Looking for something strange in Portland? Visit the Voodoo Doughnut store. These will be the strangest doughnuts  you have ever had. The doughnuts are strange, funny and delicious. For more information or if you want to see what kind of doughnuts you can buy, you can visit the website of Voodoo Doughnuts.

-If you are an art lover you should visit the Portland Art Museum in downtown’s cultural district. you can find modern art here, there are special exhibitions, Native American art and more. For more information you can visit the website of the Portland Art Museum.

-Portland Children’s Museum is the nation’s first children’s museum. In this museum you can find: a clay studio, a pet hospital, a big treehouse, water works, a garage and much more. The children learn a lot because of the interactive rooms. For more information you can visit the website of Portland Children’s Museum.

-If you want to do something more active in Portland you could go hiking. Forest Park is a great place for hiking.

 Campground near Portland

Their is a nice KOA campground just outside of Portland. The campground has free wi-fi, a hot tub, a sauna, a pool, cable tv, full hook-ups and more. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Cascade Locks/Portland East.






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