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Philadelphia was founded in 1623 by the Dutch, but they didn’t call the place Philadelphia, they called it Fort Nassau. After some fights the English took over in 1664. Years later th place was called Philadelphia what means brotherly love in Greek. It became a real city in 1701 and it started growing. In 1750 the city was becoming succesfull and richer. Everything turned out to be alright in Philadelphia!



Things to do in Philadelphia

There are a lot of things to do in Philadelphia. We are going to tell you about some of the things you could do.

-If you like art you are in the right place. The Philadelphia Museum of Art has over 225.000 art pieces. The museum has Asian art (oldest Asian art piece is from 3000 BC.) and European art (oldest European art piece is from 1100-1200). There are different exhibitions in the museum and they also change, so there is always something different to see. For more information you can visit the website of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

-If you are travelling with children it’s fun to pay a visit to the Philadelphia Zoo. Besides just watching animals in the zoo there are some other activities  you could do. You could go on a camel safari or you could make a pony ride. Besides that there are swan boats and a carousel. For more information and all the activities you can visit the website of the Philadelphia Zoo.

-There is a basilica in the city that’s worth a visit, even if you are not religious. The basilica is called Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. If you want more information about this basilica you should visit the visitor center in Philadelphia.

-The Lights of liberty is a 3D show that shows you all kinds of things about American symbols and freedom. There is also another show. It’s also a 3D show, but it’s also a 360 degerees experience in the PECO theater. For more information you can go to the website of Historic Philadelphia.

-Valley Forge is a place where the history comes to life. You can listen to all kind of history stories that professional storytellers tell on the storybenches. There are also more activities that you can do here. For more information you can visit the website of Valley Forge.

-If you like museums, but you don’t like the traditional museums with paintings you should visit the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. This museum is actually  a medical museum where you can see strange bodyparts, tumors, medical instruments and more. For more information about this museum you should visit the visitor center or you can look at the website of the visitor center in Philadelphia.

Campground in Philadelphia

A nice campground in Philadelphia is the KOA campground. This campground has everything you need for your RV like full hook-ups and other facilities like free wi-fi, mini golf, a pool and more. You could also do some activities here like fishing or rent a canoe. For more information about the campground you can visit the website of KOA Philadelphia/West Chester.






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