Miami is the sunny place to be. We all have seen Miami in the famous TV series Miami Vice, CSI Miami an Dexter. It wouldn’t we strange if you’re walking in Miami and you get the feeling that you are in a TV show!

The best known part of Miami is Miami Beach. Art Deco is really important in this part of Miami. A good example of Art Deco are the hotels on Miami Beach. Actually you need to drive in a Cadillac  to experience the real Miami feeling.

Things to do

The beaches are really spectacular. And there are a lot of different things you can do. There are a lot of possibilities to do a water sport. You could also swim with dolphins! You need to visit the Miami Seaquarium if you want to swim with dolphins.
Miami is a big spenders paradise. You could go shopping and spend all your money. You should go to Lincoln Road South Beach for the best shopping paradise!
In Miami you will also find the Miami Art Museum. They always have a big changing collection of old or modern art. There are also a lot of influence of South American artists. You can click here for more information about this museum.
But there are more special museums in the city. For example the Miami Children’s museum.

Climate in Miami

An other important fact about the city is that it has a tropical climate. That means that there are two different kinds of seasons. One dry season (November-April) and a rain season (May-October). The hurricane season is actually in almost the same period as the rain season. (June-December). The rain season doesn’t mean that it rains al day. In the late afternoon there is a lot of rain in this season.

The city

Miami is a great city that you need to experience. There is something to do for really everyone. You could relax on the beach, visit a museum, do some water sports or go shopping. Everybody should visit this city once in his life.

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