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Los Angeles is a city on the West Coast located in the state of California. Los Angeles, or LA, is the biggest city of California and the second biggest of the United States. The population is over 4 million. The city has a long history. In 1542 LA was discovered by Europeans. From that point on the city has been developing and still is. Now a days the architecture is amazing. In the center of the city you will find high buildings but actually the city wasn’t meant for high buildings and you will find a lot more low buildings in the city. That’s a big difference when you look at other cities. The city is also wide spreed.

There are a lot of things that you can do in this city. We will describe the special and fun things here. We advice you to go to the visitor center in LA when you are there for all the up to date information and more information then we give you.

Special places and things to go to in Los Angeles

Hollywood Walk of Fame
This walk of fame is famous all around the world. On the sidewalk you will find more then 2000 stars with the names of famous people. You can find the stars on  Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. When you are in the area of Grauman’s Chinese Theater you will find dozens of concrete tiles with hand and foot prints and a personal message of famous stars. Maybe you have the same shoe size of your favorite famous star! It’s very special to walk over all the stars. You should go here when you are in LA!

The Beach
Don’t forget to go to the beach when you are in Los Angeles. The beaches are just beautiful. You can do all kind of things, think about surfing, beach-volleyball or skating. The most popular beaches are: Santa Monica, Malibu, Huntington beach. You will find a lot of locals on the beaches. It’s fun to look how the community is in Los Angeles. But especially just relax on the nice beaches in the sun. On the Santa Monica beach you can find some attractions. Think about a ferris wheel. Close to the beach of Malibu there is a camping ground. You can stay there with your RV. The people are really nice and hospitable. Maybe you get an invitation to drink a beer with someone who is also staying at the campground. In the morning you will have a beautiful view of the beach, really cool.

The first theme park of Disney was build in Los Angeles. If you have an extra day in Los Angeles, then a visit to Disneyland is great especially when you have kids! Make sure that you have the whole day because the park is really big and it would be a waste if you can’t see or do everything.  Disney is not the only theme park in Los Angeles. there are a couple more, also some small ones. For all the theme parks you can visit the visitor center in Los Angeles.

You will find world class museums in Los Angeles. Think about museums like the Getty, and LACMA. If you like art and culture Los Angeles is the place to be! For all the museums and other cultural things you can visit the visitor center in Los Angeles.


Hollywood sign
It’s special to see the world famous letters of Hollywood. These letters are characteristic for Hollywood and Los Angeles. The letters are white and 15 meters high. Since 1923 the famous HOLLYWOOD letters exist. Originally the letters were for making advertisements for land that was for sale. Trough the years there were some threats for the famous letters. Because of bad maintenance the letters would disappear. Luckily that never happened and you can still see these letters. In 2010 a couple of famous stars like Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg prevented the destroying of the letters by paying a big amount of money. Eventually the state California payed to for the renovation of the letters.

Of course there are hundreds of things to do when you are in Los Angeles. Think about music concerts, theaters and shows. Los Angeles is a city where you can always do something that everybody likes. And if you are lucky  you can spot a couple of famous people in Hollywood or Beverly Hills! If you have some time over visit a sports game. You can visit a basketball game of The Lakers or the football team LA Galaxy. You can also choose to visit a ice hockey game or a baseball game.

Campgrounds in and near Los Angeles

There is a great KAO campground close to Los Angeles. The campground has a swimming pool, a hot tub, a sauna, free wi-fi, full hook-ups and more. A big adventage is that there are sightseeing tours of LA that leave from the campground so you can leave your RV behind! For more information you can visit the website of KOA Los Angeles / Pomona / Fairplex.

Malibu Beach RV Park is a campground  just outside LA on the beach! This is a really nice peacefull campground. You can see the sea from your RV and everything you need for your RV is on this campground so you have nothing to worry about! This campground is a little bit more expansive then the average campground. For more information you can go to the website van Malibu Beach RV Park.


Wij hebben zelf een dagje Los Angeles bekeken, en onze camper ergens downtown gezet en daarna zijn we naar de camping: Malibu Beach RV park gereden, dit zit buiten LA, aan het strand, echt een mooie en relaxte camping. Dichtbij het strand, je ziet de zee vanuit je camper en alle benodigdheden voor je camper zijn aanwezig. Het is wel een iets duurder camping maar je zit dan wel in een prachtige omgeving.

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