LONG ISLAND | Long Island.

The Island

Long Island is part of New York. It exists out of four different parts: Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk. In general Long Island refers to only the last two parts, Nassau and Suffolk. You will find three different airports on the island, one of them is JFK. This is the place where the most tourists land. So you can imagine that Long Island is important for New York.

Things to do on Long Island

There are a lot of different events on the island. To keep the event information up to date we redirect you to the website of Long Island, but the island offers so much more then only events. There are a couple of different and also special museums. One of them is the American Airpower Museum. There are a lot of different aircrafts that you can see in the museum. Some of these aircrafts are modern some or really old. The museum is really impressive and when you are traveling with kids you really should visit this museum. For more information you can visit the website of the American Airpower Museum. There are more museums, for more information you can visit the visitor center.

There are also a lot of different things to do. You could go kayaking, fishing, surfing or scuba diving but you could also go swimming and you could relax on the beach. If you love nature there are also a lot of different things to see. You could follow one of the hiking trails. There are also options to go cycling. There are some different cruises in the area. For more information you need to visit the visitor center or visit the official website of Long Island.

Campgrounds on Long Island

There is a really nice campground on Long Island. The campground is called Eastern Long Island Kampground. Yes, Kampground with a K. The campground offers a lot of different facilities. Think about a swimmingpool, a gameroom and of course sports. There is also a store where you can get everything you need. You can also do your laundry at this campground and of course you can stay at this campground with your RV. For more information about this campground you can visit the website of Eastern Long Island Kamground.

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  1. Will J. Wright says:

    Looking for great 2-day RV trips on the North East

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hello Will,

      I think I might have a good suggestion for your two day trip on the North East. I described the trip underneath here (you could always change the route, this is just a suggestion):

      Day 1
      The trip starts in Boston. If you wake up early you can enjoy Boston today till in the afternoon or maybe a little bit later if you like to. A great National Park to visit it Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor. The drive is less then 5 hours. When you arrive here it will probably be late so it might be a good idea to find a campground. There are two good KOA campgrounds in the area where you could stay.

      Day 2
      Today you will have time to discover Acadia. It’s a real nice national park. If you are heading back to Boston later in the afternoon you could make an extra stop in Portland. Eventually you will end back in Boston (it’s cheaper to bring the RV back where you rented it).

      I hope that this trip suggestion helped you and if not you can always leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

      With kind regards,

      Jeffrey (rv-trips team)

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