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Who doesn’t know this city? Las Vegas is famous all around the world! The city that never sleeps, sin city, in the middle of the desert entertainment capital of the world. This city is founded in 1905 in the state Nevada. In 1911 Las Vegas was officially a city. The city is in the middle of a desert. So it’s not strange that the temperature in the summer is very high. In 2006 the population was more then half a million. Every year a lot of tourists visit the city and hope to become rich or just to be amazed of the city.   Las Vegas is famous for a lot of things. The big hotels and big casinos are amazing in Las Vegas. Who doesn’t know the wedding chapels where you can marry in a couple of minutes. Las Vegas is one big show business. You will find a lot of different shows in the city.


Special places in Las Vegas

The Strip
Everything in Las Vegas that matters is on The Strip. The Strip is 4 miles long and you will find a lot of hotels, casinos and restaurants here. Of course you will find a lot of shops in Las Vegas.

Circus Circus
This is a very special hotel. In this hotel you will find a whole theme park! Roller Coasters and family rides, you will find it all in Circus Circus. Of course a hotel in Las Vegas isn’t complete without a big casino. So in Circus Circus you will also find a nice casino. Do you feel lucky? This is the place to be! In this hotel you will find a couple of restaurants where you can eat something. Most of the time there are special deals for breakfast, lunch and diner.

This is a big tower. But it’s not only a tower. There are some attractions at the top. The real dare devils will enjoy these attractions. As you can see on the picture there are a few different attractions. The only thing that you can’t see on this picture is the big shot. You can find this attraction on the top of the tower. The attractions shoots you up high and then you will have a ‘free fall’.

-Shopping tip
Just outside of the city there is a town called Barstowe. You can shop tax free in this town. So shop till you drop!

You need to experience this city. The city has a special feeling that you can only experience here. Day or night it doesn’t matter in Las Vegas. Enjoy all the amazing shows and hopefully you are lucky in one of the casinos. Your stop in Las Vegas will be super!


Camping in Las Vegas

Not the first place you think of visiting with your RV, but you’ll be surprised how friendly it will be. There are lot’s of places you can visit with your motorhome and have your own little piece of heaven in this hectic city. At the Circus Circus hotel in the city you will find a RV camp site. This camp site is on the strip so you are in the middle of everything. This is a great place to stop with your RV and spend the night. But it’s safe, clean and most important of all, in the middle of the strip, so no need to get an expensive cab. For more information visit the website of Circus Circus.

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