About the town

Jackson is located in Wyoming and Jackson is not the only name for this town, Jackson Hole refers to the whole valley where Jackson is loccated in the south. The town was named Jackson in 1894.
Originally this town was the home to Native American tribes who lived here for a long time, but begin 1800’s mountain men travelled through this area and discovered different places that needed to be protected. One of these places was Yellowstone National Park.






Things to do and to see in Jackson

One of the things that many people do is stay overnite in Jackson and visit Yellowstone National Park or Grand Teton National Park so that’s one option, but there are more things to do.
There are a lot of options to do some outdoor water activities like fishing, kayaking, white river rafting and scenic floating, but there are also enough outdoor activities on land like hiking, biking and horseback riding throughout the valley. For more information about these activities you should visit the visitor center in Jackson.

In the winter you could also go skiing or snowboarding. So there is enough to do in Jackson!

In Jackson you can find a nice park where you can relax and enjoy the peace of the town.

There is fun and interesting museum called the National Museum of Wildlife Art. This museum has more than 5000 art items! As you can guess the art in this museum is all about wildlife, but it’s a really diverse museum. The museum has a special program called the Art in Action Program. This program is designed to make art more interactive. There is an artist that will tell you everything about his work and his way of working and you will also get to work, you are going to make some art! For more information about the museum, it’s collection or the Art in Action Program you can visit the website of the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

Campground in Jackson

There is a KOA campground in Jackson. The KOA campground has everything you need if you are travelling with a RV. There is also free wi-fi, there are full hook ups and there are different campground activities like fishing trips, horseback riding and scenic river trips. For more information about the campground you can visit the website of KOA Jackson Hole/ Snake River.

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