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Indianapolis, or Indy as a lot of people call the city, is the state capital of Indiana and it’s also the biggest city in the state. Many Many years ago Native Americans lives here in the area, but in the 1820’s the Native Americans were displaced and Indianapolis became the capitol of Indiana.
The history of Indianapolis mostly consists out of government tasks and industrial work. Now a days the city does much more than that, think about education and health, but what is important for you as a traveler is that Indianapolis works hard on tourism.





Things to do in Indianapolis

-Every city has a historic part and that’s no different in Indianapolis and this historic part is called Monument Circle. There are 9 things to do at this Monument Circle. You could visit the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. You can go to the top of this 284 ft high monument. The monument is impressive and if you go all the way up the monument, Indianapolis looks very impressive to.
If you are hungry you could go and eat a pizza at Giorgio’s Pizza. They serve great pizza’s here and this restaurant is located at Monument Circle.
If you don’t want to eat a whole meal or you just want something sweet you should visit the South Bend Chocolat Company. The chocolate is so good that it will make you speechless for a minute.
There is a theater, a cathedral, the circle tower and more at the Monument Circle.

-Indianapolis has a couple of beer breweries and guess what; it’s original craft beer. Just take a beer or visit one of the breweries. For more information you should visit the visitor center or visit the website of Indianapolis.

-If you are travelling with children you really should visit the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. This museum has all kinds of interactive and hands-on attractions to make the information attractive and fun for children. There are different exhibitions and parts in the museum. There is a planetorium, a science center, the health house, a part about the history of railroads and more. For more information you can visit the website of The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

-You can relax in the White River State Park. Sit down and enjoy the park. This is the only cultural urban state park in the United States, so it’s worth as The zoo of Indianapolis is also located in the White River State Park.

Campground near to Indianapolis

There is a nice KOA campground near to Indianapolis. This campground has everything you need when you are travelling with your RV. There is free wi-fi, a pool, and much more. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Indianapolis.




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