Fort Myers is known as a popular winter resort for more then a century. Even Henry Ford and Tomas Edison came here during the winters.
In 1850 Fort Myers was build as a real military fort. So you could imagine that this place has a really long and interesting history. In the Historic Museum of Fort Myers you will find everything that has a connection to the  long history.

You’ve already read the part about Henry Fort and Tomas Edison. On McGregor Boulevard you can find the houses of  Henry Fort and Tomas Edison.

Things to do in Fort Myers

And of course there are beautiful beaches where you can relax all day or you could do something active! There are a couple of different water sports that you could do. You should go to the visitor center for more information about this. One of the other things you could do is make a day trip to Sanibel Island. We really recommend you to do this day trip. The trip is really relaxed and special. Maybe you will find some rare shells on the island, that would be a great souvenir…
Actually Fort Myers is the entrance to the southwest region of Florida with all the big attractions and theme parks, but it would be a waste if you don’t visit this special city.

For more up to date information about Fort Myers you can click here.

There are some nice RV campgrounds in the area. Here you will find a nice RV campground. The nature is all around you. There are also some other campgrounds so you will have enough options to visit this city with your RV.

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