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Flagstaff is a city in northern Arizona and this city is very popular with tourists and that has a couple of different reasons. Flagstaff is a perfect base for taking different tours, excursions and visiting other cities. If you know that it’s not a big surprise that there are a lot of different companies that offer different tours and excursions. We recommend you to visit the visitor center for more information about all the differences between the tours and excursions, but of course we are going to tell you a couple of things about the different tours and other things to do in or near Flagstaff.

Things to do in or near Flagstaff

Most of the people who visit Flagstaff will also pay a visit to the Grand Canyon and of course that is an amazing thing to do! There are a couple of different ways to visit the Grand Canyon. You can choose to take your RV to the Grand Canyon and then visit the Grand Canyon by foot. You can also choose to take an hiking tour when you are at the Grand Canyon. These two ways are the cheapest ways to visit the Grand Canyon. There is an option to take the tour in a jeep and then you don’t have to drive and you can enjoy the Grand Canyon to the fullest. But there is one more way and I have to say that is the most spectacular way to take the tour because you could take a helicopter tour in the Grand Canyon! This is really a great experience but it is also more expansive. Enough about the Grand Canyon. There is a nice national park in Flagstaff and the national park is called: Wupatki National Monument and we will describe this national park on an other page on our website. But there are more things to do in Flagstaff then be amazed about the great nature in this place. If you really like culture there is a museum in Flagstaff. The museum is called Museum of Northern Arizona and there are a lot of different things to see here For more information you can visit the website of The Museum of Northern Arizona. If you like shopping there is a nice big mall in Flagstaff. If you are more interested in sports you could go golfing. There are a couple of nice golf courses in Flagstaff. When you are visiting Flagstaff with children you might want to visit the Wildlife Park in Flagstaff. There are some different shows in this wildlife park. Think about a tiger show and a snake show! You could even take a 45 minute Bush Safari! For more information you can visit the website of Wildlife Park Flagstaff.

Campgrounds in and near Flagstaff

There is a very nice KOA campground in Flagstaff with everything you need when you are traveling with your RV. Think about full hookups! For more information about this campground you can visit the KOA Flagstaff website.

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