The City

Eugene is a green city where the Willamette River is located
on the north-west side of the city. You can bring a visit to the beach where
you can stand on the rough coastside. The mountains are just an hour drive


Things to do in Eugene

There are a couple of different festivals in Eugene. One of
the famous festivals is the Bach Festival and there are more cultural
activities in the Hult Center. The Hult is known for the acoustic room of the
West coast of Oregon.

There are some popular outdoor ‘ meetings’  like the Saterday Market and the Oregon
Country Fair. These ‘ meetings’  have a
hippie atmosphere, but there are more popular things to do
outdoors like running, biking and gardening.

There is a downside to Eugene in the spring if you have hay fever because there
are a lot of seeds in the air.

You could see whales if you are standing on the cliffs or on the high coast.
You could also go sandboarding if you like a little adventure! If you want more
information you could visit the website of Eugene Oregon, Cascades and coasts.


Campgrounds in or near Eugene

A nice RV campground is the Deerwood RV Park. This is a
beautiful green park and you can stay here with a big RV and ofcourse also with
a small RV!

Deerwood is located around trees and small lakes and this creates big and
unique campsites. The campground has all the modern facilities for RVs.

This is a quiet and peacefull campground, dispite that
the campground is near to the center of Eugene.

This is a perfect campground to park your Rv and explore the Eugene.

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