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Columbus is and has been the state capitol of Ohio since 1816. Originally the city was not the capitol of the state, but in 1816 it became the capitol of the state because the city was located more central. Now a days this is the bigest city in the state of Ohio. The city was founded in 1812 and was named after Christopher Columbus.




Things to do in Columbus

-Columbus Museum of Art is a great museums with a big art collection. The collection contains late 19th and early 20th century American and European art, but that’s not all. The museum also has modern art and gives workshops for children. For more information about the museum or the workshops you can visit the website of Columbus Museum of Art.
-If you are a golf fan this is the city to be! There are a lot of different golf courses here and if you don’t like ‘real golf’ there are different opportunities to play mini-golf. For more information about the golf courses you should visit the visitor center in Columbus.
-The Museum of Biological Diversity is a research museum and part of the state university. You can learn everything about plants, animals, humans and biology. Sometimes the museum has an open house. For more information you should visit the visitor center.
-We told you before that Columbus was named after Christopher Columbus so it’s not strange that you can find traces of this. There is a replica in the city of the Santa Maria. The Santa Maria is the ship that Christopher Columbus used for his voyage. It’s really interesting to visit this ship. For more information you can visit the website of the Santa Maria.
-The city also has a zoo called the Columbus Zoo. If you have children it’s really fun to visit the zoo. The zoo has more than 600 species and also has a aquarium. This zoo isn’t just a zoo. There is also a waterpark  and if you visit the waterpark you don’t have to pay to enter the zoo. For more information about the zoo, the aquarium or the waterpark visit the website of Columbus Zoo.

Campground near to Columbus

There is a great KOA campground near to Columbus. The campground hjas everything you need when you are traveling with your RV like full hook-ups, but there is more. There is free wi-fi, a pool, mini-golf and more. For more information about the campground you can visit the website of KOA Buckeye Lake / Columbus East.





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