The city

Clearwater was founded in 1835 as a fort. The fort was called Fort Harrisons and the first settlers came to this fort. You can imagine that Clearwater has a rich  history of all kinds of immigrants who lived here and worked here.
You can feel end see the Spanish and Cuban ‘vibe’ in Ybor City, a part in Tampa. In Dunedin you can find Irish influences and in Tarpon you can find the Greek influences. Tarpon is known for the Greek immigrants who searched for sponges in this part of the city. Clearwater has all kinds of fun cultural influences.
Clearwater is located at a quiet side of the sunny barrier islands.  Families and couples mostly visit the breathtaking white beaches and the clear blue sea. This is not without a reason, Clearwater is rewarded with the title: most beautiful beach of the Gulf of Mexico and the best spot for the most beautiful sunset. This spot is located on Pier 60. It is because the Gulf of Mexico that the sea has a nice temperature and that the sea isn’t very deep in the beginning of the beach and this is great for children.

If you don’t like the beach at all there are some other things that you can do. There are a lot of golf courses in the area but you can do more if you are into sports. You can do all kinds of water sports. There are a lot of nice restaurants where you can have a really nice meal. If you are into art and culture you can visit the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg but there are more museums in Clearwater. If you want to check them out first you can look them up in this list of museums.

For more information about the cities you can visit the official website of St. Petersburg and CLearwater or you can visit the visitor center in the city.

Camping ground in the area of Clearwater

The Clearwater/Tarpon Springs campground was owned by the well known company KOA but that is not the case any more. The price for an RV is between $31 and $40. There are different facilities on the campground, think about washing machines, toilets, showers and a swimming pool. For more information visit the website of Clearwater-Tarpon Spring campground.

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