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Chicago is the largest city of the state Illinois. The city is also the third most populated city of the USA, only New York and Los Angeles are more populated. The city was founded in 1833 and that’s why you can see a lot of history in the city. The city isn’t only new buildings and architecture. You will also find history and culture in this wonderful city. Chicago is very different than other cities in The United States. When you are not sure if you want to visit this city we will make it easy for you, just go to Chicago! There is so much to do and to see that you can’t see and do everything in only one of two days so start planning! To make it easy for you we will give you some great tips and we hope you have a great time in Chicago.


Things to see and things to do in Chicago

In the center of Chicago you will find the historic center and business district. One of the handy things in the center is the subway. The subway can take you to all the places you wnat to see or want to visit. The subway is also called The Loop. We recommend you to walk along The Loop so you can see much more of the beautiful things in Chicago. If you follow The Loop you will see the Willis Tower. This tower is 443 meters high and that makes the tower the highest skyscraper and of course you will see a lot more.

The architecture in Chicago is amazing. The best known architect of Chicago is Frank Lloyd Wright but of course he is not the only good architect of Chicago. We will give you a list of buildings that
are special if we are talking about architecture:
-Palmer House Hilton Hotel
-Willis Tower (we mentioned this before)
-The Water Tower
-The John Hancock Tower
Of course there are more special buildings but you will see these buildings right away when you are walking in Chicago.

Enough about architecture let’s continue with the museums and cultural things in Chicago. There are a lot of museums so we will only give a few examples and if you want to know more about the museums in Chicago you should visit the visitor center in the city. One of the must sees in the city is the Art Institute of Chicago. This is not only a museum but also a school. A lot of people say that this museum is one of the most beautiful museums in his kind. You will find a lot of paintings here. For more information about the museum you can visit the website of The Art Institute of Chicago.
One other museum that is really special is the Field Museum of Natural History. You can find different mummies and dinosaur skeletons  and a lot more. For more information you can visit the website of the Field Museum of Natural History.

There are some different parks in Chicago. Grant Park is a really nice park and the biggest fountain of the world is located here in this park and there are some different parks where you can relax and where you can see a lot of beautiful things.
The Navy Pier is the place where different Lake and Architecture cruises departure. A cruise is a great way to discover the city when you are on the water. But there is more on Navy Pier. There is The Children’s Museum, a theater and a lot of different shops and restaurant. The Navy Pier is a great place to relax when you are in Chicago.

Campgrounds in or near Chicago

There is a nice KOA campground near Chicago. The campground is great when you are traveling with your RV you will find everything you need here. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Chicago.
We hope to give you more information about campgrounds in and near Chicago soon.


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