About the city

Cheyenne is the capital of the state Wyoming. Back in 1867 there was not much on the spot where the city lays today. There where plans for the Union Pacific Railroad. This railroad gave the region hopes for a better future. People started to talk seriously about the future and around 1890 Wyoming state capitol was constructed in Cheyenne. On the image on the left you can see what Cheyenne looked like in the old days(if you click on the image, the imagine will extend), but that’s enough history for now.



Things to do in Cheyenne

-There are a lot of things to do in Cheyenne. The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens are located in Lions Park. These gardens are taking care of by volunteers and it’s like an oasis. So if you want to relax you should take a walk through the Botanic Gardens.
-Every first saturday in August the farmers market start. This is a fun regional market with farmers and if you are in the city during August or September you should visit this market.
-There is also a good museum in the city called: Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum. This musem learns you a lot about the wild west and the history of the rodeo. For more information about this museum you can visit the website of Frontier Days Old Museum.
-There are a couple of parks in the city. One of the bigger parks is the Holliday Park. In this park you can find tennis- and basketball courts, an Art Center, Bike paths, picnic facilities and more.

There are also different day trips that you could attend. Some of the day trips are in Cheyenne and some of them are in the area in Cheyenne. For more information about these day trips you should visit the visitor center in Cheyenne.



Campgrounds in or near Cheyenne

First of all there is a KOA campground near to the city. This KOA campground has everything you need when you are travelling with a RV. For more information about this campground you can visit the website of KOA Cheyenne.

There are a lot more campgrounds in and near Cheyenne. For more information about these campgrounds you can visit the website of Cheyenne. On that website you can find a list of campgrounds and RV parks where you could stay with your RV.

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