The city and the history

Boston is the biggest city of the state Massachusetts but a lot of people see Massachusetts as the capital city of New England. Boston is one of the oldest and richest cities of the US. The first people out of Europe arrived in 1630. The most of these Europeans were British people. That’s the main reason why you can see all the English influences in New England. The American revolution started here and the main point of the revolution was to resist the high taxes. The people of the US also wanted to be independent.
It’s not strange that there is an European ‘vibe’ in Boston, for an example there is an Itilian neighbourhood. To make a long story short, there are some different European influences and Boston has a long and special history.

Things to do in Boston

If you want to see the most important historical points in the city you should do the Freedom Trail. This is a trail of 2.5 miles and it’s a really impressive trail. There are sixteen important buildings where the Americal Independencestruggle took place. The trail also leads to a cemetry where the revolutionaries are burried.
There are more cultural things that you could do when you are in Boston. There are a couple of museums and you can visit Fort Independence in the harbor of Boston.
If you like to do other things that’s not a problem. you could go to the Fenway Park. The Boston Red Sox play in Fenway Park or you could go to the legendary Cheers, it’s the same as the television serie. You can go to the real  location where the TV serie was filmed and you will find a replica on the Freedom Trail.
The center of Boston is not very big and all the important things or close to each other. You could see the whole city in 1 or 2 days.

When you are traveling with a RV and you want to visit Boston, you could park your RV outside of Boston on a big parking area. A big parking area is next to the Riverside Station. You could take the subway from here. It only takes 45 minutes with the subway and then you are in the center of Boston.

Campgrounds near to Boston

There is really nice campground near to Boston. this is the campground Normandy Farms. This campground is located on only 30 miles of Boston. There are full hook ups, there is a nice shop with souvenirs and everything you need for your RV. you can also get some groceries on the campground. There is a small swimmingpool inside with two separated hot tubs and there is a small sauna

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