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Bar Harbor is just a small town in Maine. The population is not bigger then 5000 but there are a lot of things to do!  A lot of people come here to enjoy their vacation. The town is located at the sea so there are enough things to do with water. On this page we will give you some options to plan your visit in Bar Harbor. We will give you some options to do or to see something in the town and there is enough to do and to see!

What to do in Bar Harbor?

Acadia National Park is located in Bar Harbor. The park is just beautiful. On an other page on our website we will describe the national park and everything that you can do in the park (we will finish this page very soon, we ask for your patience).
But there is more then a national park. You could go on a whale watching tour or an air tour! These air tours are really breath taking. If you want more information about these special tours you should visit the visitor center when you are in Bar Harbor. You could also go on a fishing tour and catch some lobsters. These lobsters are really famous in this area.
If you like to do something cultural you are in the right place. There are some different museums. There is a whale museum and also the Abbe Museum. But there are also some activities like climbing, cycling, kayaking or hiking.

The Whale Museum is really fun and free! It’s free because it’s a non-profit organization  that loves to explain all kind of things about whales and seals. For children this is a great museum but they will also learn a lot of things in a fun way. There are all kinds of whale models and skeletons of whales. Don’t miss this museum.

The whale watching tours are really magnificent. There are some different wale species but there are also dolphins, seals, eagles and a lot of other bird species.  If you are interested visit the website of Bar Harbor Whale Watching Tours. This company offers a couple of different tours. These tours are really fun and it’s an experience that you won’t forget fast.

Shops and restaurants in Bar Harbor

There are also a lot of nice shops and restaurants in the town. The restaurants are especially fish restaurants but there are also other restaurants in the town.
There are a lot of different shops in the town. The shops variate of shops for children or shops for pets. We won’t tell to much about the shops because it’s a lot more fun to discover them  yourself.

Campgrounds near to Bar Harbor

There is a really nice KOA campground where you can stay with your RV. For more information about this nice campground visit the website of KOA Bar Harbor.

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