History of Amarillo

Amarillo is not a very big city but¬†Amarillo is located in the state of Texas. Of course the city is known as a old western and cowboy city but now a days the city is more than only that. Some people call the city the helium capital of the world. That’s because there are large helium fields in Amarillo. If you think about Texas and Amarillo you might see big ranches and that’s true. There have been big ranches for more than 100 years and some are still functioning. If you are talking about a long history it speaks for itself that there must be a lot of culture in Amarillo and that’s completely true.



Things to see and to do in Amarillo

Amarillo has a impressive memorial to all of it’s military personnel lost in different wars. It is very special and strange at the same time when you are standing in front of one of the memorial stones.

One of the most beautiful things to see in Amarillo is The Palo Duro Canyon State Park. this canyon is the second biggest canyon of the United States besides the Grand Canyon. You will find this canyon in the south of Amarillo.

There are also a couple of different public art projects. An example of one of the public art projects is the Cadillac Ranch. This Cadillac Ranch is also located on the Route 66.
You can find a lot more of these public art projects in Amarillo, it makes traveling in the city a lot more fun if you have something special to watch.

The people of Texas and also the people of Amarillo are very proud about there old traditions so there are also a lot of different events that you can visit en can feel like a cowboy! A big part of different events is the Rodeo. But of course there are more different events and things to do.

There is a museum called The Texas Pharmacy Museum. In this museum you can learn all kind of things about pharmacy and it’s very impressive to see everything that has to do with it. For more information you can go to the official website of The Texas Pharmacy Museum (located in Amarillo)

If you are looking for some adventure we can recommend a visit to the Wonderland Park. There is a roller coaster and a lot of other but smaller attractions. If you want to have a afternoon full of fun you should visit this theme park in Amarillo. For more information you can visit the website of Wonderland Park.

Campgrounds in and near Amarillo

There is a great KOA campground near to Amarillo. KOA campgrounds have everything you need for your RV, think about a full hookup. For more information you can visit the official website of KOA Amarillo.

Fort RV Park gives you a real and old western feeling the campground is great and not expensive. For more information about this campground you can visit the website of Fort RV Park.

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