KOA campgrounds are the most famous chain of RV specialized campgrounds in the USA. Maybe that’s because KOA has more than 500 campgrounds in the USA and Canada. The campgrounds of KOA have a lot of facilities.  There are warm showers, laundry facilities and toilets. You can also connect your RV to electricity and waterworks.  On almost every camping spot you will find a grill or barbecue  and tables with benches. If you forgot the groceries there’s no problem! Because KOA camping grounds have camping shops where you can do your groceries.  After a long day of traveling the camp sites of KOA are perfect to relax and enjoy your vacation.

There are way to many locations of KOA in the USA to write them down. So we made a map specially for you so you can see where all the camp sites are! For the exact locations you can look on the website of KOA. You will find the map with all the locations underneath here.

On the campgrounds of KOA you will find employees in yellow shirts who can tell you everything about the campgrounds, nature and wildlife in the area. Sometimes they have very interesting stories to tell. Don’t be ashamed just go up to these people and have a nice talk.

KOA overview campgrounds

Like you can see you will find KOA locations everywhere in the USA. We recommend to make some reservations if you want to stay at a KOA campground.

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