Camping near New York

New York is a great city to visit with  your RV. Maybe you didn’t know that there are campgrounds near New York for your RV but there are 2 great campgrounds near New York. We really recommend to leave your RV on one of the campgrounds and visit the city without your RV.
There is a nice green campground just outside New York in Newburgh. This is a KOA campground and it’s called Newburgh. Everything you need for your RV is available. Actually all KOA campings have everything for your RV. The drive to New York is only one and a half hour. There is a tour that’s organized by the campground. This tour brings you to the highlights of New York.  This is a great way to discover this huge and impressive city.
On the other side of the Hudson river is a good and safe campground. This is a great campground when you want to explore the city. This campground is close to the city when you are traveling with your RV. You can’t get any closer with your RV.
The campground is called: Liberty Harbor RV Park and the campground is appropriate for all types of RVs. A nice aspect of the campground is that you can see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island when you are on the campground.
We recommend that you make a reservation before your visit so you are sure that you have a spot on this campground in a great city.
The campground is full hookups and there is 24/7 surveillance. There is also a bar to hang out or drink something. The campground is not beautiful but is close to the city.
There are a couple of things that you can do when you are on this campground. You can take a bus tour to New York or you can take a ferry. All these things are close to the campground.

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