On this page we will give you camping information for your RV trip. Most of the campgrounds in  the US have a lot of different facilities. There are hook ups for the shower, toilet, water and electricity. In the shops on campgrounds for RVs you can find lots of supplies for your RV. Think about a new water hose and other supplies for your RV. The campgrounds have a lot of picnic tables with benches and a BBQ. If you are lucky you will have a place for a campfire on your camping space. You can buy wood in the shops on the campgrounds or in bigger shops that you will find on your way. These bigger shops are a lot cheaper than shops in national parks or on campgrounds. When you are in a national park with a dry climate pay attention with making fire.

Make sure you have a good travel guidebook. An example of a good guide is a Woodall guide. In these books you can find all the campgrounds in different areas. For an example you can buy a Woodall guide of the west coast. These books will come in handy when you decide to take a different route.  There are a lot of different companies with campgrounds. One of the best known campgrounds is KOA. You can find some more information about KOA on the website of KOA.

In almost every national park there is a possibility to stay there on a campground with your RV. There are some restrictions for the length of your RV. You need to check this before deciding to stay in a national park. If you click here you will find all the national parks and you can also find these restrictions.  You can get some more information about national parks on the Internet or at a visitor center in a city or in a national park. You can click here for the information  of national parks. You can do all kinds of things in these parks. There are museums, visitor centers for all the information you need and a lot of activities outdoors.  You can also get some maps of the area. With these maps you could go hiking and enjoy the beautiful nature. Every national park has his own news paper.

If you want to make sure that you can stay on a campground you could make online reservations. On that way you are sure that you will have a spot. If you are more adventures you could make some reservations but not all of them. Buy a Woodall guide and make your trip one big adventure.In this guide you will find more camping information. Some routes are so big and there is so much to see that 3 weeks is to short. Sometimes it’s really nice to spend an extra day on the same campground.



  1. Stefan Lager says:

    We’re a European family planning a 3-week RV vacation around NY/Washington/Niagara/Boston next summer.
    I’m looking at camp grounds and National Parks to visit, but for sure, something will happen so we would need to stop somewhere else.

    What are the rules for staying overnight outside RV camping grounds?
    Could be at a highway gas station, outside a diner or something similar.
    Would that be a problem?

    Best regards

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