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    California is one of the most diverse, exciting, and beautiful destinations in the world. The Golden State’s wide variety of tourist attractions are guaranteed to make your camping experience one that will leave you wanting more.

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    The East coast of the USA is not only suitable for some serious shopping in the magnificent cities. It is also a great place to have some serieus RV-trips. From New England, with beautiful Main, Vermont to Cape Cod, to Long Island with the Hamptons and Manhattan.

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    Florida is not just theme parks and sunny beaches. With your RV you will discover all the beauty of the sunshine state.

Do you want absolute freedom on your holiday? Do you want to take all the time that you want? If your answer is yes then you should consider to take an RV trip through North America. An RV trip in a few words is just one big adventure. But you need to have a plan for a trip like this. On this website you will find all the information you need. Think about tips, RV rental locations, routes and much more.
We will help you to have the best RV trip ever!


Please note that this website is not finished yet. We are heading in the right direction and you can find a lot of information on our website. We will be uploading more and more information so keep track on our website so your RV trip will be the best!

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We are a few enthusiastic people who love to travel and spend time RV-ing across the USA and the world. We are giving you the best tips and tricks on how to use your RV, and to make the best of your holiday. But we cannot do it all by ourselves, we need your input. Please send us your tips, the greatest routes and the best  ways to travel the world. And we will share it with the world so everyone can have the best RV trip in the world!

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